Driving Abroad

Every year, hundreds of thousands of us are travelling abroad for many different reasons, whether this could be a large music festival, a family holiday or even going to visit the ski slopes.

With reducing fuel prices and the potential to slash hundreds of pounds off the cost of our trips by deciding to drive instead of fly, many of us are taking this option.

We have come up with a list of top tips for those of you who decide to drive abroad:

1) Familiarise yourself with the driving laws of the country you are visiting or any other country you may pass through on route.

2) Ensure your insurance covers you to drive abroad and and your breakdown cover is extended internationally.

3) Make sure you carry your driving documents with you at times. Some countries require you to carry fire extinguishers, first aid kids, warning triangles and spare bulb lights so ensure you check up on this before you depart.

4) Fix a GB sticker to the back of your vehicle ensuring this is clearly visible.

5) It is vital you and all your travelling party carry an EHIC card. This will entitle you to state provided emergency medical care in the EU if required.

6) It is essential that your vehicle is roadworthy before you set off. Make sure you check all the vital components and that you carry food supplies / water incase of an emergency or long traffic delays.

7) Research the routes you will be taking and try and get as familiar as possible with the route before you set off.

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