We hear from our Managing Director!

From the time of its inception, Merseyside Car Hospital has been fully committed to its “Patients’ Charter” – The Finest Treatment in The Shortest Time.

When I decided to enter the accident repair industry, I knew that I had to have a unique approach. The idea was to establish a business that would be recognised not only for its uniqueness but also for providing the highest quality of Patient/Customer care and standard or repairs.

Formed in 1998, Merseyside Car Hospital has succeeded in developing a business that has appealed and become noticeable to work providers and customers alike, and has become synonymous in achieving and surpassing what is originally set out to do.

I realized at a very early stage that creating a successful accident repair business would not be easy, as I had come from a marketing and accountancy background. However, I believe that if you are fully committed to your ambitious, have the ability to recruit the right personnel, and you have the management structures in place (Both financial and people) you are half way there.

Patient/Customer care is the forefront in the philosophy of Merseyside Car Hospital. So much so that I personally call customers within 2 hours of their vehicle being returned to ensure that they are completely satisfied. Customers are also left with a pre-paid questionnaire to return when they have had time to drive their vehicle. However, if there is a time when we have made a mistake, it is the treatment of this mistake, which is most important. We listen to any complaint carefully and offer the customer an immediate re=inspection. We don’t argue, any genuine complaint is rectified, otherwise we contact the insurance company right away.

I believe the successful Accident Repair Centre in the 21st Century must be 100% customer focused and have customer care as a priority. You may be the best repair Centre but if you don’t treat your customers or work providers with respect, you will fail.

Since opening, Merseyside Car Hospital has increased turnover from £600,000 per year to over £2,000,000 and now ‘Treats/repairs’ an average of 50 patients/vehicles per week. The company employs over 25 professional staff, both technical and support staff.

We have purchased over this period approximately an extra half an acre of land for secure storage which is remotely monitors as is all the complex 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

The 12,500 sq. ft premises are equipped with the latest state of the art equipment, which is regularly updated. Calling itself a Car Hospital has helped promote the business and make it an Accident Repair Specialist that is easily remembered.

The hospital theme is much more than a gimmick. There is a corporate identity encompassing the exterior signage, vehicles and documentation. Merseyside Car Hospital has taken every aspect of the repair process and renamed it using hospital terminology including Admissions (Reception), Fracture Clinic (Panel Shop), Cosmetic Surgery (Paint Boots), Transfusion Centre (Paint Mixing Room) and for a little humour Sample Room (Staff Toilets).

Merseyside Car Hospital is one of the first Accident Repair Centres to achieve the BSI 125 accreditation, and is aiming to have the BSI 10125 at the earliest opportunity. This shows how serious we are about the quality of repairs and the efforts we make to ensure we are at the top of our game.

I thoroughly enjoy working at Merseyside Car Hospital and it has been an honour to work with some of the best staff in the Accident Repair Industry which has made growing Merseyside Car Hospital at lot easier. I hope we continue to grow and provide the highest quality care to all our customers.

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