Headlight Services

The heart of the Matrix LED headlamp is a glare-free high beam which has been implemented using a non-mechanical system. This allows the driver to travel in their vehicle with a permanent high beam without risk of dazzling oncoming traffic or any vehicles in front. A camera detects oncoming traffic and traffic in front, and individual LEDs are then switched off or dimmed within fractions of a second to exclude these vehicles from the field of high beam light distribution.

We have invested in the latest equipment from our vehicle manufacturers to ensure our fully trained technicians are able to re-calibrate these systems.

Following almost all accidents It is essential to ensure that the system is recalibrated in accordance with the manufacturers’ guidelines.

These systems rely on your wheel alignment and geometry being correct in many cases so it is crucial that all repairs are carried out with this in mind.

At Merseyside Car Hospital, our team of vehicle damage assessors and technicians are fully trained with all our approved vehicles manufacturer, using the latest diagnostic equipment and vehicle repair methods to ensure the ADAS systems of each vehicle are re-calibrated after each repair.

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