Road Safety

There are now over 35 million vehicles using our roads. On average there are 5 deaths and 59 serious injuries EACH day on the roads in the UK. Now we will look at some absolutely shocking statistics which my explain these figures.

Drink driving accounts for more than 13% of all road fatalities.

Over 500,000 people have been cautioned for using their mobile phone at the wheel.

A seatbelt increases your chances of survival in a crash by 60%

591,000 were cautioned for speeding in 2014

Now, after we digest these figures, these may explain why there are so many accidents on our roads. It is vital that when you are driving you give the road your 100% attention. Have you ever been in an accident and the other driver has admitted ‘I didn’t see you coming?’. This may be for a variety of reasons but the Number 1 reason is because they were not paying attention.

Our cars are getting safer but this does not mean that driving standards should be lowered. Even the smallest of accidents can have devastating consequences for those involved. Those most at risk for drivers who are not paying attention are cyclists and motorcyclists. They do not have the safety features of a car and therefore injuries tend to be a lot more serious.

It is imperative that you keep your speed down, attention of what is around you and most importantly never drive when you are feeling tired or ill. This can have a severe affect on your reactions and this could have serious consequences for yourself, other road users and any passengers you may be carrying.

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