The Repair Process

Merseyside Car Hospital has the unique idea of the ‘Hospital’ theme for our organisation. When MCH was founded in 1998, Managing Director Ashley Bernstein realised that to excel in the Accident Repair Sector the organisation would require a unique selling point. After nearly 20 years in the market, Merseyside Car Hospital has become one of the leading Accident Repair Specialists in the North West.

Our past and present customers always take a keen interest in the hospital theme and the process their vehicle goes through whilst being repaired, so below is a short explanation of the process from start to finish (Insurance based claim)

1) You notify your insurance company of the accident and supply them with all the details.
2) The insurance company will contact ourselves with all your details including Name, Contact Details, Vehicle Details and Damage.
3) We will make contact within 24 hours (Monday morning if this occurs over the weekend) to arrange either collection of your vehicle if not drivable or to arrange a suitable time and date to perform an estimate on your vehicle.
4) We will supply the estimate to the insurance company who will then proceed to authorise the repairs. Once this has been authorised we will make contact with you to arrange either collection of your vehicle or a suitable time for you to drop your vehicle off to us. We will ensure the parts are ordered at this point if required.
5) On arrival, we will perform a full check on your vehicle to ensure that apart from the accident damage, no other damage is on the vehicle and ask you to sign this document.
6) The vehicle will then head into either our Minor Injuries Department, Fracture Clinic or Major Injuries Department where all the bodywork and mechanical repairs will take place.
7) Once the majority of the panel and mechanical work has been completed this will be handed over to our Cosmetic Surgeons who will proceed to give your vehicle the make over it requires ensuring the paint matches the rest of the vehicle.
8) On completion, the vehicle will be assessed once again to ensure that all repairs are correct and that the vehicle is ready to go back to you. The vehicle goes through a thorough exam and a checklist is completed and signed by all team members who have worked on the vehicle.
9) The vehicle is valeted before we make contact with you to advise the vehicle is ready for collection / delivery.

As you can see, the process we go through is thorough and we have strict guidelines to complete throughout the process which are all manufacturer approved. We are constantly audited by vehicle manufacturers, insurance companies and BSI to ensure our service is to the highest of levels and we constantly achieve over 98% on these audits.

We are proud to have the authorised repairer status for the majority of the vehicle manufacturers making us one of the leading accident repair specialists in the North West.

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